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Vondi's Health Biscuits

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Every pet deserves a treat, whther to affirm good behaviour, an in-between snack or to celebrate! But what biscuit or treat to give? Any biscuit that contains sugar, diary or preservatives is no good and can lead to a variety of adverse medical conditions like skin allergies. Vondi's stock and produce a variety of tasty, but healthy biscuits that you can comfortably feed without feeling guilty or putting your pet's health at risk.

Jenny Morris is one of South Africa's most popular celebrity chefs. Together with Vondi's, they have developed a range of health biscuits for dogs.

  • Rooibos & Mint for skin allergies

  • Rosehip & Devil's Claw for arthritis

  • Spirulina for immunity & well-being

  • Diatomaceous Earth for de-worming & parasite control



Completely natural and preservative-free. Ingredients include fresh herbs, whole wheat flour, home-made chicken and vegetable stock.