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Tough Seamz for Tough Chewers

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Tough Seams are the perfect toy for serious chewers! They have met their match.

Featuring Chew Shield Technology and our bestselling Invincibles squeakers that keep squeaking if punctured, this stuffing free, plush dog toy is made to stand up to tough play. Durable binding on the Tough Seamz challenges the mightiest of mouths helping dogs play longer and harder.

    • 2x Thicker Seams Last Longer

    • Invincibles Squeakers Keep Squeakin' If Punctured

    • No Stuffing Means No Mess

    • Extra Chew Shield Layer Inside

    • Contans 2 Invincibles Squeakers

Available in Lion, Rhino, Monkey and Elepant

We strongly advise that dogs are supervised while enjoying any toys. We also advise that toys are taken away when finished and not left lying around.