Nutriflex Collagen Maintenance Complex for Dogs & Cats

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NutriFlex Collagen is your pets daily scoop of happiness —
Anti-ageing and nutrient-dense “bone broth” powder dogs and cats love. Our protein-rich (90% protein by volume) fortified collagen supplement and daily maintenance complex is packed with essential amino acids.

Naturally derived amino acids help rejuvenate and repair lean muscle, promote bone and joint mobility. Organic Sulphur (MSM) helps optimise gut function and offers protection against intestinal worms. NutriFlex promotes improved skin health, hair growth and coat shine, enhanced vitality, mobility and agility. A daily scoop of NutriFlex is a great way to maintain overall health and help offset the degenerative effects of ageing.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your pet’s body. Unfortunately, natural collagen production decreases with age and the degenerative signs of ageing begin to appear. NutriFlex collagen joint complex is a 100% natural formulation of 3 active synergistic ingredients developed to aid gut health and protect your pets digestive system without harmful side effects. Adding NutriFlex collagen peptides to your pet’s food daily helps your pet enjoy an active, happier and healthier life.







Collagen Type I + III
Hydrolysed collagen helps offset the degenerative effects of ageing. Collagen promotes lean muscle and aids ligament, tendon and bone strength and flexibility, helping to stabilise joints and prevent injuries. Collagen helps to detoxify the liver, aids gut health, improves skin health, vitality and coat shine.

Hydrolysed Gelatin
With the same unique amino acid profile as collagen, gelatin can help protect the gut lining and digestive tract, soothe upset stomachs and relieve digestive ailments.

A powerful immune booster, MSM supports active joint health and enhanced mobility, aids gut health, offers protection against intestinal worms and can help ease discomfort and aid recovery following injury or surgery.