Our vision and values!

Our Vision and Values


Out of a love for adventure and a black dog, the Life of George was born. George is a handsome, cheeky, black Lab with a larger-than-life personality. He has taught me some of the most important life lessons, to never stop playing, love unconditionally, stay present forgive quickly and be comfortable with who you are.


Life of George represents an ideal that all dog lovers have a “George” in their lives to go on adventures with and that every “George” has a human that loves them and wants the best for them.

 Everything we do is underpinned by three core values:


Adventure | Companionship | Convenience

Adventure dogs

Our rushed lifestyles rob us of time and give us a false sense that there will always be a tomorrow to do “that” thing that you have always wanted to. Don’t be fooled. Stop. Pause. And then go on to book the next adventure with your dog because we don’t get time back.


George and his mom go on all sorts of adventures, up mountains and along beaches. These adventures hopefully inspire you to do more with your dog and the convenience of having the gear for the right adventure!

Puppy Care

George just turned 9 and still us a puppy at heart. As we all know puppies don’t come with a manual! Luckily we are here to help. Getting a puppy for the first time might be challenging, so here at Life of George, we have special puppy bundles to get you started. We are committed to providing all your essentials for your growing puppy, from toys to shampoos, treats to healthy food that promotes growth. We have got it all.

Convenience right to your door!

Convenience right to your door! Get your dog food, tick & flea treatments and other products delivered conveniently to you! We track and send reminders. Our customers are impawtant to us.


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