About Us

Out of a love for adventure and a black dog, the Life of George was born. George is a handsome, cheeky, black Lab with a larger-than-life personality. He has taught me some of the most important life lessons, to never stop playing, love unconditionally, stay present forgive quickly and be comfortable with who you are. 


Adventure awaits, whether it’s a run, hike, mountain bike ride, walk, what better way to experience it than with your furry best friend right by your side, Exploring the outdoors is one of the best ways to bond and discover what your dog was born for.

Live life unleashed!

Out of a love for adventure and a black dog, the Life of George was born.


Life of George is the coolest place for dogs and their human’s to shop.


Adventure Awaits

Life of George represents an ideal that all dog lovers have a “George” in their lives to go on adventures with and that every “George” has a human that loves them and wants the best for them.

Meet the pack!

The company is run by 5 furry friends so that’s how we know all the barktastic pet trends; from chewers to ball lovers, we’ve got you covered.