The road less travelled… getting active with your dog

Posted on 15th Aug 2019 at 11:11 am | by Annalisa Munisamy


Top Tips for getting fit with your dog.


It’s 3:50am and I feel a wet nose nudging me. My alarm is set to go off at any moment but Nelson and George can’t wait. The night before they have seen me putting out my trail shoes. They know adventure awaits them.


Why not share your next running adventure with your tail wagging furry best friend? Nothing beats the adoration you get when you go on an adventure with your dog and they have the best time.

  1. Before you hit the road or trails for a run, consider your dog’s breed, health and build. For example, short-nosed or flat-nose breeds are unlikely to be able to go on long runs while your gun dogs are made for longer adventures. If you are not sure consult you vet for advice on your breed.
  2. Build up gradually. Just like humans, dogs need to get fit gradually to prevent injuries, also consider if they need to lose weight. Lengthen their walks/ runs gradually each time. Also watch for warning signs of overexertion, like weakness, drooling, dark red gums and vomiting. If you dog stops and refuses to continue don’t force them to carry on.
  3. Hit the trails or open spaces- dogs run differently to humans and they are better off leash. Off lead they can moderate their own pace. Do you research and find places near you and enjoy getting off the beaten path.
  4. Harness Fit – when choosing to run with your dog ensure they have a good comfortable harness. If you are going on more hectic adventures that require you to lift your dog make sure you choose a sturdy harness with a good handle for grip.
  5. Water – take enough water for you and your dog to stay hydrated. We suggest you invest in a portable, collapsible water bowl that you can easily take with on your adventures. I can highly recommend the Ruff Wear Trail Runner and Quencher Bowls. It is essential to make sure you stop regularly to keep your dog hydrated.
  6. Consider the weather– don’t run them in the heat of the day. Consider a cooling jacket for hot conditions and a fleece or knit jacket in colder conditions. In the winter months when it is darker a track visibility jacket is a great investment.
  7. Light up – I recommend a light attached to their harness to make them visible at all times. I love the Beacon Safety light from Ruff Wear, it has three different colours and settings. It now comes with an audible function. These lights are rechargeable and waterproof. They are slightly more expensive than most options on the market but they are really durable and long lasting.
  8. Look after your pooches’ paws– if it is rough terrain or hot pavements you can consider investing in dog boots. Be warned most dogs will take time to get adjust having something on their paws so take the time to let them adjust to you putting them on and build up the length of time they spend in them. STA lotion is also a good option to firm up their paws.
  9. Check them for ticks when coming out of the bush– before going out I recommend the Out Door Defense spray for you and your dog. It is also a good idea to wipe them off after any adventure with pet friendly wipes. Make sure you keep their tick and flee treatments up to date.
  10. Don’t start them too young. Just because your puppy has lots of energy do not run them too early. Large breed can be still developing up until 18 months. Running them before this may have long-term ramifications. When they are young we suggest you work on your basic commands, recall and bonding exercises. Later when you start to go on your running adventures you have reinforced that the best place for your dog to be is right by your side, and that is where they want to stay.
  11. Scoop the poop -leave places the way you find them. So if you need to scoop the poop ensure you take poop bags with you. We recommend the biodegradable Bonnie Bags or Earth Rated Degradable rolls.


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